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Level 2

Certificate in Understanding Autism

There are around 700,000 people in the UK with autism – more than 1 in every 100. If you work with people with autism, or if someone you know is autistic, this course is a great way to increase your knowledge about the condition.

You will learn about autism and how it can affect the ways people communicate, interact and process information. You’ll learn how to support autistic people to live healthy, fulfilled lives. This fully online course will give you essential skills you need when working in mental health.

Course Content:

  • Learn how individuals with autism process sensory information
  • Understand the characteristics that may be present in individuals with autism
  • Understand the conditions that commonly occur with autism
  • Learn the common misconceptions surrounding autism
  • Learn how speech, language and communication may differ in people with autism
  • Recognise how legislation and guidance underpins support

Funding: Fully Funded

Course Delivery: Online

Awarding Body: NCFE CACHE


  • Applicants must be 19 years old on or before 01.08.2020
  • Full or part time employed (payslips may be requested as evidence for funding options only)
  • Employment in relevant sector not essential
  • Applicants must be EU citizens
  • Applicants may not be using other funding streams for another qualification at sign up or during completion

Sector: Health and Social Care

All coursework to be completed using online portal. Remote support provided by assessor via phone and email. Course schedule 16 weeks, start and complete at anytime. NCFE certificate generated on completion.

This course will be delivered via our sister company at Acacia Training & Development Ltd​.

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