Level 5 Certificate in Principles of


Are you looking for an accredited qualification for yourself or your team?

This is the first nationally recognised accredited qualification for commissioners. It provides an opportunity for staff to become recognised in their role and undertake valuable learning that will enhance their practice. 

Why undertake this course?

This commissioning course offers an opportunity for both aspiring and experienced commissioners to increase their knowledge and understanding of the commissioning landscape. It gives recognition of the role commissioners undertake. It supports learners to gain confidence as an industry expert and can open the door to career progression. 

What does the qualification look like?

Unit 1: The role of the commissioner for wellbeing

This unit aims to develop the learner’s knowledge and understanding of the purpose, roles, responsibilities and accountabilities of those involved in commissioning for wellbeing, from all agencies. Learners will develop their understanding of the values that inform commissioning and the complex contextual factors that influence the commissioning environment, including policy and legislation that affects commissioning for wellbeing.

Unit 2: Commissioning Together for Outcomes

This unit aims to develop the learners understanding and knowledge of commissioning for wellbeing as an outcome-focused process. Learners will also develop understanding and knowledge of commissioning for wellbeing as a process that has relationships and partnerships at its heart, with people and with other commissioners.

Unit 3: The Commissioning Cycle

This unit aims to develop understanding and knowledge of the steps and processes involved in the commissioning cycle (analyse, plan, do, review). Learners will also develop their understanding of the need to establish a balanced, diverse, sustainable market, as well as the range of actions that can help to achieve this.

Unit 4: Professional Development for Effective Commissioning

This unit aims to develop analytical self-assessment and reflection to determine professional development requirements and own professional development plans to improve and maintain knowledge and skills required as a commissioner for wellbeing.

What are my delivery options?

Option 1: Your Bespoke Commissioning Cohort

At Bespoke Consultancy and Education Ltd, we believe that every organisation is unique. Hence, we work in partnership with you by integrating your organisation’s culture into the course whilst still meeting the qualification requirements and standards. For the quality of learning purposes, each cohort is set to a minimum of 8 learners and a maximum of 14 learners. This programme can be delivered virtually and/or classroom-based. For classroom-based option, we can deliver at your training room or at ours. We have centres in Clevedon and Plymouth.

Option 2: Monthly Commissioning Programme

We understand how busy your schedule can be and you may not have everyone who can undertake the course at the same time. Our monthly commissioning programme will give you the freedom to enrol and start at any month without any hassle. You will learn alongside other learners from around the UK and build amazing networks. This programme will be delivered virtually giving you the choice to learn from the comfort of your home or workplace.

To discuss training options, please call us 01275 876733 or email info@bcelearn.co.uk 

Are there entry requirements?

To register for this qualification, learners are required to meet the following entry requirements:

  • 18 years of age or above
  • Demonstrate that they can manage higher level independent study and therefore should be qualified to at least a level 3 qualification.
  • Have significant experience within the care and support sector, in either a local authority or NHS setting, or related areas such as housing or the voluntary and community sectors

Is there any funding towards this course?


You can read more about this commissioning course on the Skills for Care website: http://www.skillsforcare.org.uk/Developing-Your-Workforce/Qualifications/Level-5-commissioning-for-wellbeing-qualification.aspx

Call us now on 01275 876733 or email info@bcelearn.co.uk to discuss funding available, as you may be eligible for full funding!

At BCE we have been reviewing our current offer to our customers and have identified geographical areas that are currently outside of our delivery areas. So, we have made plans to move into these areas to expand our reach and support our customers. Our timeline is below:

November 2023 – Oxfordshire and surrounding areas

Early 2024 – The Midlands

Late Spring 2024 – Norwich and surrounding areas

If you are a care establishment or an Assessor in these areas please get in touch now to start our partnership journey.

How to apply?

Complete the following 3 steps to start your journey

1. Call us on 01275 876733 or email info@bcelearn.co.uk for more information and the registration form

2. Read and discuss this information with your line manager or colleagues

3. Send your completed registration form to us