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Carers Celebration 2021 Awards

Carers Celebration 2021 Awards

Carers Celebration 2021 Awards

Join us to celebrate and recognise individuals and organisations in the care sector.

How it all began.

In 2019, our Operations director Alison Webber noticed the amount of stress and pressure from those working around the clock to keep adults in the community and residential homes, who require care and support in their daily lives, safe and effectively cared for and supported.  

Throughout the last eighteen months the gravity of this stress and pressure has significantly increased as care and support workers have had to work tirelessly throughout the pandemic. Alison and the team are fully aware of how challenging this period has been for those working in the sector and wanted to use this year’s Carers Celebration Event to recognise and celebrate the incredible work that has been apparent throughout. These most difficult of times have highlighted some outstanding practice and we are determined to put the spotlight on the good and positive things about being in the care sector through these awards.

In 2020, Together with her team at Bespoke Consultancy and Education, they launched the inaugural Carers Celebration to celebrate carers from all walks of life and to honour all the hardworking people who provide social care. Upon launching, the event received over 150 nominations within 3 months. Nearly 100 people attended the virtual event to celebrate this memorable day.

Celebrities showed their support for this event such as Andy Day from Andy and The Odd Socks, Gary Davies from BBC Radio 2, Luke Spiller from The Struts, and Barry Farrimond from BBC Radio 4. Generous sponsors from Ravensburger, University Games, Bear Grylls Adventure, Merlin Entertainment, Ty Beanie, Half Moon Bay, The Promotional People, ACF Team Building & Events, Beautiful You UK, Product Zone, MUSICA, Badgemaster and Scruffy Dog Creative Group supported the event with amazing prizes for all the winners.

For details of Carers Celebration 2020, please click here.

What to expect this year?

This year, we continue our journey to celebrate those who work in social care across the UK. There are 5 awards in the Individual Categories and 4 awards in the Team Category. Each award represents the individual and team’s genuine hard work in social care.

There will be a first-place winner, second place winner and third place winner for each award in both categories. Therefore in total, 27 winners. Each nominator can only nominate one person or team, therefore multiple entries by the same nominator are not acceptable.

We will also shortlist Top 10 from each award. All shortlisted nominees will be recognized and will receive a certificate from us.

Rules of Entry

• Each nominator can only nominate one person or team.

• Nominees must be aware that they have been nominated for an award, therefore it is the nominator’s responsibility to get permission from the nominee.

• Multiple entries are not accepted.

• Only shortlisted nominees will be recognised and contacted by organiser.

• Entries must be submitted through the online form provided.

• Closing date 24th September 2021.

• Virtual Ceremony date 12th November 2021.

• The organizer reserves the right to cancel, postpone or change the venue, date and time of the course should unforeseen circumstances occur. 

• The Organiser reserves the right to disqualify entries that, in their sole discretion, are deemed irrelevant, offensive, and/or do not comply with rules of entry.

Carer of The Year Award 2021

This award is to recognise carers in any settings who have gone above and beyond in this current climate. Carers contributes significantly to our communities, the economy and support NHS services. A carer’s life can at times be a hard and lonely one. This award is to recognise the person who has done the most to care for residents, service users, a family member, colleagues, or a friend in this current climate. It is to reward individuals who support and care for vulnerable adults or children.

Learner of The Year Award 2021

This award recognises the importance of continuous learning and development in the care sector. This can be achieved in a variety of ways such as the apprenticeships, Skills for Care courses or other core social care courses, including online learning. This award recognises outstanding learning and motivation to continually update knowledge and skills.  

Specialist Care Award 2021

This award recognises the outstanding care given working with learning disability, mental health, dementia, and vulnerable individuals. Someone who provides specialist care in any care settings with physical or learning disabilities as well as mental health problems for both adults and children.

Wellbeing Champion Award 2021

An employee (not necessarily a carer) who actively promotes physical and mental health wellbeing in the workplace by encouraging team members to make healthy choices, helping others coping with a difficult situation in life.

Effective Leadership Award 2021

This person will have identified a need and organised a solution. They have lead a team or taken the initiative to solve the problem in the current climate.

Individual Category

Team Category

Care/Residential Home of The Year Award 2021

With Britain’s ageing population and life expectancy growing, care homes are crucial within the healthcare industry. This award will look at the standard of care and what makes you stand out from other care homes.

Domiciliary/Community Care Services of The Year Award 2021

Domiciliary and community care services are vital within our community to promote independence, enhance wellbeing and protect dignity. This award will look at the standard of care and what makes you stand out from other home care providers. 

Committed to Learning & Development Award 2021

This award recognises the organisation that has shown a real commitment to promoting continuous learning to ensure high quality of care is delivered. We believe the key to raising the standards of social care is through learning and development. We’ll be asking, ‘Why do you think learning and development is important?’, ‘How do you ensure your staff are delivering high-quality care consistently?’, ‘In what ways are you supporting your staff continuous learning and development?’.

Community Business Award 2021

Although this is in the team awards, it is open to individuals who have shown an enterprising mindset to providing a solution to a problem in the current climate. This award is also open to any businesses or social enterprises that have significantly impacted the community for care-related services. It can be a programme, event, or project with not-for-profit social objectives where the business/individual puts community at its core and activities to encourage or raise aspirations in the care sector.

Panel of Judges

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Supporters, Partners and Sponsors

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